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2.1 Introduction An installer program is provided for Linux and Windows allowing the installation path to be selected. 2.2 Platforms and Minimum Specifications DMON is a Java application program. As such its functionality has no dependence on the host’s system software base e.g. the set of installed c-libraries on the host. DMON is currently provided for two platforms: Linux-x86, Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows XP pro). DMON runs on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of these platforms. DMON also runs under Cygwin, which provides a way to have functionality similar to Linux on Windows. DMON supports both Unix like and Windows paths i.e. a path can be specified with either ‘/’ or ‘\’ as the delimiter. The DMON installer for Linux will need to have permission applied to execute in the target system, for example; [user@system ~]$ chmod 755 DMON-0.4-Linux-x86-Install The Windows installer is ready to run straight from the delivery media. The minimum specification for a system running the DMON product is 512MB of RAM. Most modern systems come with significantly higher specification, and more installed memory. DMON will not use memory above 512MB when using the default launch parameters. If more memory is required at runtime, you can add the java -Xms<size> flag to the launch script. DMON is not memory intensive in operation.

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