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DMON monitors what is happening inside a System on Chip (SoC) and helps debug software more efficiently.

SoCs can have multiple CPUs and twenty or more other functional units. DMON's GUI interface allows developers monitor these as a program is running and focus in on one or more of them as desired. DMON provides the usual software debug capabilities such as breakpoints, watchpoints, disassembly, memory and register read/write, and can be used with source level debuggers such as GDB. It accepts commands in its own command language, in TCL, or in Python, and scripts for test or other purposes can be written in any of these. Other features include remote working, data monitoring and display, and user extensions.

At present DMON supports two main CPU families, SPARC and Arm, and more than one hundred different types of functional units, a list that continues to expand.

DMON runs on Windows and Linux systems (including Cygwin). It can connect to the target SoC using a number of different debug links, including Serial (RS232), Ethernet, USB, JTAG and RMAP.


DMON has been developed with help from the Irish Government and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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 If you have an older version, please contact us at and we will provide you with the information on how to get the latest version